Converte Chelated Minerals Manganese
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Converte Chelated Minerals Manganese

20 litres

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Converte Chelated Minerals rebuild key trace elements required for soil and plant health. The advanced chelator in Converte transfers the minerals it holds far more effectively to plants than other chelators, as it has a similar footprint to the plant surface structure – integrating with it during the transfer process.

Manganese (Mn) plays a role in several biological systems including photosynthesis, respiration, and nitrogen assimilation. Manganese deficiencies are often mistaken for iron deficiencies with first signs appearing in younger leaves. Cereal, legumes and stone fruits among other crops can show a positive response to Mn fertilisation.


    USAGE: Broadacre, Pasture, Horticulture, Home Gardens, Lawns

    APPLICATION: Spray 1.0 L/ha; for home gardens/turf mix 1 litre water :10 ml

    AVAILABILITY: Available in 1000L, 20L. Contact Converte for factory direct purchases and additional sizes.

    *Contact us for deliveries outside of Australia

    Orders are delivered by either Australia Post or via freight organised direct from our factory in Griffith NSW.  Please allow up to 7 business days for delivery.