(Super Concentrate)

Converte’s seed primer was specially formulated to deliver the most complex and balanced nutrient treatment directly into the seed to promote germination, and build vigorous growth towards maximum yield.

  • Feed organically with supplemental trace element microbes, promoting biological soil formulation as well as mycorrhiza for root-feed efficiency.
  • Increase the pool of macro N & P and trace elements available to the plant.
  • Improve nutrient transfer to plants by chelation.
  • Provide the plant with prophylactic [preventative] levels of trace elements to avoid “hidden” deficiencies [von Liebig production limitations].
  • Improve soil and plant health for additional resistance to weather extremes e.g. drought and frosts.
  • Improved soil water holding ability
  • Increased soil organic matter
  • Improved soil aeration and drainage
  • Decreased reliance on fertilisers
  • Decreased nutrient leaching
  • Improvements in ‘nutrient density’ of food plants
  • Improvements in harvests
  • Apply direct to seed 24-48 hours prior to sowing
  • Drip on seeds using an auger at a rate of 500ml per tonne of seed
  • Use 4 litres of water to dilute on application

Available in packaging sizes (product code in brackets): 100 ml (SPSC001); 5 L (SPSC05); 20 L (SPSC20); 110 L (SPSC110); 1000 L (SPSC1000)