Australian Made and Australian Certified Organic

Converte Organic Liquid Plantfood

20 litres and 1000 litres

$270.00$7,850.00 - Includes GST and delivery Austrailia-wide*

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This ready to use, liquid concentrate plantfood is derived from natural resources and compounded according to a system of ecological balance with chelation and natural chemistry. It contains mineral trace elements, phytoproteins, vitamins and plant hormones that together help to restore soil microbes and micro-organisms for healthier soil, more resistant plants and increased yield.


USAGE: Broadacre, Pasture, Viticulture, Tree Horticulture, Vegetables, Home Gardens, Lawns

APPLICATION: Spray 2.5 litres / ha (or 1 litre / acre); see specs and application guidelines

AVAILABILITY: Available in 1000L, 20L,  2L, 1L, 100ML packs. Contact Converte for factory direct purchases and additional sizes.

*Contact us for deliveries outside of Australia

Orders are delivered by either Australia Post or via freight organised direct from our factory in Griffith NSW.  Please allow up to 7 business days for delivery.