Australian Made and Australian Certified Organic

Converte Organic Liquid Plantfood
Super Concentrate (ideal for Home Gardens)

2 pack and 4 pack, 100ML

$32.00$50.00 - Includes GST and delivery Austrailia-wide*

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Use Converte to improve nutrient availability and uptake to aid horticulturists in the production of flowers, landscape plants and vegetables. This organic liquid plantfood contains mineral trace elements, phytoproteins, vitamins and plant hormones. Restore soil microbes and micro-organisms for healthier soil, more resistant plants and increased yield.


USAGE: Broadacre, Pasture, Viticulture, Horticulture, Home Gardens, Lawns

APPLICATION: Each 100ML pack makes 1 litre of concentrate

AVAILABILITY: Available in 1000L, 20L,  2L, 1L, 100ML packs. Contact Converte for factory direct purchases and additional sizes.

*Contact us for deliveries outside of Australia

Orders are delivered by either Australia Post or via freight organised direct from our factory in Griffith NSW.  Please allow up to 7 business days for delivery.